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An internationally touring comedian and a Fortune 100 manager, I present on topics related to work-life balance, career planning, creativity, and more.


My powerful speaking ability, interlaced with comedic humor, has taken me around the world, including Cambodia, Canada, Kenya, and Portugal.


As a keynote speaker, my dynamic speeches will educate and entertain.  Having worked at JPMorgan, Deloitte, Amazon, and Disney, while pursuing my love for stand-up comedy, I bring a wide array of experiences to the stage.


I also conduct Improv workshops for colleges and corporations focused on customer service, teamwork, and leadership.  Workshops will incorporate fun, interactive games that reinforce body language, communication skills, and listening.

Signature Workshops:

  • Creative Trends and Careers
  • Your Journey: Career Planning
  • Secrets of Work-Life Balance
  • Customer Service and Leadership through Improv


Administrative Professional Conference: 2018 Host/MC, presenter of feature session on Work-Life Balance (Orlando, Florida)


Inspire Connect Empower College Program: Keynote speaker, “Disrupting your Journey” (Dallas, Texas)


Ismaili Economic Forum: Session speaker, “Creative Trends and Careers”.  Only session to be sold out.  Attendance ~600 people (Nairobi, Kenya)


Diamond Jubilee International Talent Showcase: Host/MC talent showcases with average attendance of 15,000 (Lisbon, Portugal)


Rolyn Companies: Improv facilitator focused on customer service at Executive retreat (Orlando, Florida)


University of Central Florida: Speaker to Juniors and Seniors on Career Planning (Orlando, Florida)


Brown University BrownConnect in Residence alumni series: Speaker, “Don’t Freak Out” –  you’re not determining your life’s journey during your four years of college (Providence, Rhode Island)


Gwinnett College – 2018 Commencement Speaker (Orlando, Florida)