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Learn how to change the narrative of your life and be unstoppable!

How Chicken Wings Made Me Unstoppable

A TEDx Talk on

Reinventing Yourself

Presented by Shereen Kassam at TEDx Eustis in 2022

How do chicken wings make you unstoppable?  For years, I lived in the shadow of other people’s opinions and judgment; instead of living my authentic life.  What were supposed to be the best years of my life were filled with sadness and anger until I realized that I could change my story.


In 2022, I shared my idea, “Chicken Wings Made Me Unstoppable,” at TEDx Eustis.


My love for chicken wings began when I was four years old.  I love all the options – flats, drums, fried, double-fried, fried then grilled, breaded, not breaded, and don’t get me started on all the dry rubs and sauces!


But more than that, I love that if you mess up chicken wings, you can always re-sauce them.    


We can adopt this same philosophy in our own lives. Just like you can pick the flavors of our sauce, we can determine the flavors of our life.   What if we re-sauce ourselves to be the most authentic version of ourselves we can be?  We would be unstoppable!


In my 12-minute TEDx talk, I share how to become unstoppable by embracing the lesson of the chicken wing – the ability to re-sauce yourself!  It will have you laughing, thinking, and craving a good chicken wing!


Key Learnings shared in this TEDx talk:

  • How to reinvent yourself
  • How to change the narrative of your life
  • How to follow your passions


Key Takeaways from this TEDx talk:

  • Courage and motivation to take a giant leap in life
  • Simple recipe to redefine yourself
  • Three steps to change your life

Grab a basket of wings, and check it out!

What sauce will you choose?

Please be in touch if you are interested in having me speak at your conference, group, or workshop.  I want to share this message with as many people as possible because I truly believe that if you change your sauce, you can change your life!

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