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This week I’m speaking to Felicia Pride and it could not be timelier, because we dive into the how your self-worth is connected to your creative process.

Felicia is currently a writer on Ava DuVernay’s QUEEN SUGAR and the co-writer and executive producer of the upcoming 2019 feature film REALLY LOVE produced by Charles D. King’s MACRO.

Pride began her writing career as an entertainment journalist, contributing stories to VIBE, The Root, The Baltimore Sun and others. After graduating from Emerson College with her master’s degree in writing, literature and publishing, she worked in New York’s book publishing scene, pre-Kindle era, before carving out a niche for herself advocating for and covering the literary world from an African-American perspective.

Pride eventually became an author, penning six books, including the young adult novel, PATTERSON HEIGHTS, recognized by the American Library Association. She was tapped by Simon & Schuster to pen two books in their EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS book series based on the hit show.

After refocusing her talents on writing more dynamic content for TV, film and digital, Pride took a leap of faith and moved from DC to Los Angeles. By day, she served as the Director of Independent Film at Tugg, acquiring films for theatrical and educational distribution while writing screenplays at night. By 2016, she was selected as a Film Independent Screenwriting Fellow and in the following year, Pride was chosen as one of eight writers for NBC’s Writers on the Verge program for television writing. Now, she’s setting her sights on building her production company Felix & Annie, that’s dedicated to creating dope film, TV, digital, and book projects for Gen X audiences of color.

Key Questions answered by Felicia Pride

    • How did your creative journey begin?
    • How do you balance a full-time job and a creative side hustle?
    • Why she decided to move to LA and how she supported herself
    • What it takes to win a spot in a coveted writing program, such as NBC on the Verge
    • Best advice Felicia has received
    • Felicia’s definition of success
    • Who inspires Felicia
    • What’s a habit that’s helped Felicia on her journey
    • What Felicia wants her legacy to be

Felicia Pride Discusses:

    • Getting her Master’s degree
    • The practical side of Creativity – finding a real job
    • Why she stopped writing and opened up a consulting firm
    • Why she went back to writing
    • How self-worth and one’s craft are intertwined
    • How one can lose themselves in their full-time job and put their passion second
    • How a career coach helped her develop a brand, prioritize opportunities, and get focused
    • Resources for anyone interested in screen writing, as well as advice on framing up your application
    • Advice to Creatives

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