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Welcome to Creative Breakthrough! Thank you for checking out this show! In this introduction episode, I share with you who I am and why I decided to start this show. I share with you my corporate journey, and how my career inspired me to pursue my creative passion and turn it into a profitable brand. I also talk about the inspiration of this podcast. I have spent countless hours looking for mentors and a network of creatives to provide advice, mentorship, and real-life strategies. And I have to admit it’s a struggle! So I decided to create a podcast where I interview well-known creative across TV, film, radio, literature, and beyond to learn first-hand how to take a creative passion project to full-time reality.

Shereen Kassam is an internationally touring stand-up comedian who has performed worldwide on stages from New York to Saigon.  She has appeared Comedy Wings Competition and opened for Arsenio Hall.

When she’s not touring the world, Shereen is a Strategy Manager in Corporate America.  She received her BA from Brown University and an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.  Currently, Shereen resides in Orlando, Florida and have a serious problem saying no to chicken wings.


Key Questions answered by Shereen Kassam:

  • What inspired Shereen to start this podcast
  • Who is Shereen
  • What she hopes you all get out of this podcast


Shereen discusses:

  • The format of this episode
  • Her vision for the podcast
  • Her background


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