Episode 55: Welcome to Season 3! Future guests, life updates, and more! - Shereen Kassam | FunnyBrownGirl

Welcome back to Season 3 of the Creative Breakthrough Podcast!

After a three month, hiatus I am back!

When I took a break from this podcast in June 2020, COVID was in full swing, I had been furloughed from my full-time job, all the comedy clubs were closed, and I was mentally and emotionally exhausted.

I’m happy to say, I’m back at work, comedy clubs are re-opening (though I am not yet taking any chances), and hyped to be back on this podcast!

How did I spend the last three months?

I grew my CBD business – My Pain Center -by learning about email marketing, digital marketing, and more!  And am transferring those learnings to grow my other store – Womandela.com

E-commerce sites are booming right now! If you are interested in starting an e-commerce store, I suggest checking out Shopify

I took a bunches of courses on Coursera.org such as The Science of Well-Being and Transmedia Storytelling

I also thought a comedy class to high school students across the world, including Kenya, Congo, Russia, Syria, Qatar, UK, India, Pakistan, Canada, and USA.  I heavily relied on Judy Carter’s The Comedy Bible to create my curriculum

And I had the chance to mentor seven undergrads at Brown University.

You can say I kept busy!

I also worked on this podcast!

This season, we have amazing line-up of guests!  I’ll be chatting with:

  • Co-founder of Def Comedy Jam Bob Sumner
  • Actor on Tyler Perry’s BET hit show Ruthless and Perfect Pickup Jaime Callica
  • Chef Saqib Keval whose restaurant Masala y Maiz has been named One of the World’s Greatest Places by Time Magazine
  • Nelu Handa who is a writer and actor on the hit Netflix show Working Moms
  • Host of MSNBC Ali Velshi


Who am I?

I’m Shereen Kassam, the host of Creative Breakthrough and internationally touring speaker and comedian.  If you are looking for a speaker to talk on topics including creativity, branding, or work life balance, get in touch! I am also open to being guest on your podcast, TV show, or other medium.

Contact me:

Email: hi @ funnybrowngirl.com

Facebook: facebook.com/funnybrowngirl

Twitter: twitter.com/funnybrowngirl

Instagram: Instagram.com/funnybrowngirl

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