Episode 03: You are Enough - Shereen Kassam | FunnyBrownGirl

In episode three, Shereen talks about the importance of believing in yourself, pursuing your passions wholeheartedly, and not listening to the doubters.  Talking about her challenges pursuing acting, Shereen discusses how she had to believe that she is enough and to stop doubting herself.

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Links mentioned on this episode

  • meetup.com – I met a fabulous group to learn how to start a podcast
  • Creativelife.com – I love this site! They’re always offering free courses and discounts on popular courses from photography to sound mixing.
  • celtx.com – Free program to write TV and film scripts. This is where I wrote my script!
  • YouTube– Free to create a channel to showcase your film skills, acting skills, cooking skills, and much more!
  • Instagram – Free to show your art, fashion designs, cooking creations, and much more!

What am I missing? Let me know!

Other Links mentioned:

Florida Lotto commercial

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