Episode 40: How to Launch an Award-Winning Podcast with Ahmed Akbar - Shereen Kassam | FunnyBrownGirl

Ahmed Akbar: How to Launch an Award-Winning Podcast (Part II)

This week’s guest: Ahmed Akbar, host of the podcast See Something Say Something

Who is Ahmed Akbar?

Ahmed Ali Akbar is a writer and host of the See Something Say Something podcast and video series. Previously, he was a Staff Writer for BuzzFeed and a Detroit public school teacher. He acted as a correspondent to Netflix’s “Follow This”, Pushkin’s Solvable, and other shows. He was the editor of the now-defunct Rad Brown Dads tumblr and contributed to the “Salaam, Love” essay anthology. He is a graduate of University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and holds a Masters in Islamic Studies from Harvard Divinity School. Find him on Twitter @radbrowndads.


Key Questions answered by Ahmed Akbar:

  • The best piece of advice Ahmed has received
  • Ahmed’s definition of success
  • Who inspires Ahmed and why


Ahmed Akbar Discusses:

  • Advice to fellow podcasters on developing a successful podcast
  • How he shifted his role function at BuzzFeed to align with his passions
  • What’s next for Ahmed post-BuzzFeed
  • Ahmed’s dad’s reaction to Ahmed’s career choice
  • What’s a habit that’s helped Ahmed on his journey
  • What Ahmed wants his legacy to be



Key Takeaways from Ahmed Akbar:


  1. Care about your audience and your story
  2. Your podcast should matter more to you than your listeners
  3. Be consistent with your work
  4. It takes time, but find your niche
  5. Be OK with rejection
  6. Be open to people’s perspective

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