Episode 39: How to Pitch Your Way to Success with Writer and Podcast Host Ahmed Akbar PART 1 - Shereen Kassam | FunnyBrownGirl

Ahmed Akbar: How to Develop a Successful Pitch and Create Your Dream Job (Part I of II)

This week’s guest: Ahmed Akbar, host of the podcast See Something Say Something

Who is Ahmed Akbar?

Ahmed Ali Akbar is a writer and host of the See Something Say Something podcast and video series. Previously, he was a Staff Writer for BuzzFeed and a Detroit public school teacher. He acted as a correspondent to Netflix’s “Follow This”, Pushkin’s Solvable, and other shows. He was the editor of the now-defunct Rad Brown Dads tumblr and contributed to the “Salaam, Love” essay anthology. He is a graduate of University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and holds a Masters in Islamic Studies from Harvard Divinity School. Find him on Twitter @radbrowndads.


Key Questions answered by Ahmed Akbar:

  • Where did Ahmed get the idea for the Tumblr Rad Brown Dads?
  • Why Ahmed wanted to pursue journalist
  • How Ahmed landed a job with BuzzFeed
  • How his popular podcast “See Something Say Something” came about


Ahmed Akbar Discusses:

  • How Ahmed pivoted his career
  • Why Ahmed did not continue pursuing teaching or his PhD
  • His Master’s in Islamic Studies
  • His story in the book “Salaam, Love”
  • Why you should submit your art for free
  • Media fellowships
  • How Ahmed shaped his job and his work at BuzzFeed to correlate with his passions
  • How Ahmed developed his voice
  • How to pitch an idea
  • The future of podcasting



Key Takeaways from Ahmed Akbar:


  1. You can always change your career path
  2. You can get paid for your work
  3. Craft your job around your passion and doors will open
  4. Do good work and people will notice
  5. If you have a good idea, people will listen
  6. Go hard for the big moments

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Check out this episode!

Check out this episode!