Episode 38: How Improv Can Help Creatives and Non-Creatives with Second City's Darryl Hinds - Shereen Kassam | FunnyBrownGirl

This week’s guest:

Who is Darryl Hinds?

Darryl Hinds is a graduate of the University of Toronto – Mississauga Theatre and Drama Program and alum of the Second City Toronto Main State where he had the privilege of writing and performing five revues.  Since his days at the Second City, Darryl has been lucky enough to find work on TV as a regular on shows like CBS’s Little Mosque on the Prairie, Nickelodeon/YTV’s Max & Shred, and PBS/TVO’s Odd Squad.  Darryl has also had brief writing stints for This Hour Has 22 Minutes and CityTV’s Sunnyside.  Darryl is currently a cast member of the legendary Royal Canadian Air Farce and on the web series “the Ninth” about a rag team beer league baseball team.  If you live in Canada you can find it on the CBS Gem – app and website.


Key Questions answered by Darryl Hinds:

  • Why Darryl attended theater school
  • How Darryl became part of Second City
  • What is Improv
  • Advice for creatives on their journey
  • Best advice Darryl has received
  • Who inspires Darryl
  • Darryl’s definition of success
  • Habit that’s helped Darryl on his journey
  • What Darryl wants his legacy to be


Daryll Hinds Discusses:

  • How Darryl’s creative journey began
  • When Darryl realized he wanted to be an entertainer
  • How taking chances are necessary to finding success
  • Importance of being a multi faced creative, especially as a creative of color
  • The significance of Little Mosque on the Prairie and his recurring role
  • Benefits of doing improv whether you are a creative or not
  • How improv can help creatives and non-creatives
  • How to audition for Second City
  • Advice if you don’t live in an entertainment hub



Key Takeaways from Darryl Hinds:


  1. Being a multi-faceted creative opens more doors
  2. Your journey will be different from the person next to you
  3. Be brave
  4. All creatives have a rollercoaster journey
  5. It’s ok to pivot
  6. Be true to yourself
  7. Improv can help creatives and non-creatives alike
  8. It’s ok to pursue a creative passion as a hobby, and not professionally
  9. Create what’s in your heart
  10. Taking chances is necessary to finding success



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