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This week’s guest:


Who is Shereen Ladha?

Shereen Ladha is a professional dancer, choreographer, artist, instructor, and social influencer based in Toronto, Canada. She is the director of the popular YouTube channel ‘dancewithSL‘ that now has over 100,000 subscribers and 20 million views, and features dance covers and tutorials to the latest Bollywood hits.

– Google Canada/YouTube’s Next 15 Canadian Stars on the rise

– FLARE Top 100 Canadian women with cool jobs

– CBC Canada’s top female artists

– Strategy Magazine‘s 2019 New Establishment Innovator award winner

Shereen has also been profiled by BuzzFeed, the Globe and Mail, Huffington Post, CTV, CBC, Breakfast Television, and Strategy Magazine for her work.

DancewithSL is also the creative force behind several YouTube viral videos including viral sensation ‘Maafi’ – the Bollywood cover of Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry,’ and the hit touring stage shows‘Roots: A Journey Through India’ and ‘Rihla: From Roots to Dreams.’

More here: www.shereenladha.com/about



Key Questions answered by Shereen Ladha:

  • When did Shereen’s creative journey begin?
  • How Shereen has balanced two careers – Corporate Life and Dancing
  • How Shereen combines her creativity and her corporate career
  • When Shereen will leave her full-time job and pursue her passion full-time
  • How Shereen has grown her Dance Company
  • How Shereen frames her creative brand to set herself up for success in Corporate America
  • How Shereen has amassed 100,000 YouTube subscribers
  • Why it’s important to bring your “whole-self” to work
  • What is the formula to getting YouTube views and subscribers?
  • Why Shereen doesn’t pursue dancing or YouTube full-time
  • What would Shereen do if YouTube went away?



Shereen Ladha Discusses:

  • Why one’s creative passion is their biggest selling point in interviews
  • Why Shereen completed an MBA program
  • How does an MBA help you if you’re a creative
  • How Shereen prioritizes her passion projects
  • How Shereen manages her brand in the office
  • Why Shereen started a YouTube channel
  • How Shereen created a niche for herself on YouTube
  • What does it take to build a brand
  • What Shereen is building her brand to do in the future
  • Where Shereen’s motivation comes from
  • Why Shereen stopped using an alias on social media
  • Finding your unique proposition to the world
  • Advice Shereen has for other creatives
  • What is Shereen’s creative goal




Key Takeaways from Shereen Ladha:


  1. Create for yourself, not for others
  2. It is possible to balance two careers. And yes, your side-hustle is a career!
  3. Be open with your corporate job about your creative side. It’s a positive for the company and you should be valued for it
  4. Bring your whole self to work, don’t hide who you are
  5. Understand your unique proposition to the world and build on it
  6. Build your brand outside of social media
  7. Do your research and know your niche
  8. Continue to assess your position in the market and change your strategy as needed
  9. Take care of yourself
  10. Keep learning



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