Episode 36: "How See You Yesterday" film director Stefon Bristol developed a mentoring relationship with Spike Lee - Shereen Kassam | FunnyBrownGirl

Who is Stefon Bristol?

Brooklyn-born, Long Island-bred, Stefon Bristol is writing his own success story as a fresh face with a creative voice in the indie film world. Stefon is an award-winning filmmaker.  His first feature film, See You Yesterday, was released on Netflix in May 2019.

As a recent alumni of NYU’s Graduate Film Program, Stefon helmed many films including the Cine Golden Eagle Award winner The Bodega. Spike Lee, a longtime mentor, awarded Stefon with the 2016 Spike Lee Production Grant for his thesis short film, See You Yesterday, which his feature film is based on. The short is currently streaming on Cinemax’s online platform, Max Go.

He has also co-directed the upcoming television series Payroll with Dennis Williams and directed a proof-of-concept for Chad Sander’s The Archer Connection, the upcoming BET television series.

Some of his favorite films are Back to the Future and Jurassic Park… Don’t judge!

Key Questions answered by Stefon Bristol:

  • Why Stefon decided to go to an HBCU – Morehouse College
  • What Stefon learned about being Black in America
  • How Stefon met Spike Lee and turned him in to a mentor
  • Biggest reason why people ignore you when you ask for their help
  • How do you pitch someone to be your mentor?
  • How do you nurture a mentoring relationship?
  • What advice does Stefon have for other creatives?
  • What is Stefon’s next breakthrough project?

Stefon Bristol Discusses:

  • When Stefon decided he wanted to be a film maker
  • Growing up in Brooklyn
  • His immigrant parents’ response to his career choice
  • Why Stefon suggests acting classes for aspiring actors
  • The impact of the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) and HBO
  • What Stefon has been up to since we met two years ago at ABFF
  • What does a pitch to Netflix entail?
  • What does a pitch timeline to Netflix look like? 

Movies mentioned:

  • See You Yesterday – Stefon Bristol
  • Do the Right Thing – Spike Lee
  • Kobe Doin’ Work – Spike Lee
  • Jesus Children of America – Spike Lee
  • BlacKKKlansman – Spike Lee

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