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Director Tina Mabry: How to Positively Handle Rejection in Your Creative Journey

This week, we chat:

  • How to handle rejection
  • How not to let rejection turn in to resentment
  • And the 4 ways to be successful in your creative journey

Tina Mabry, our guest from Episode 2 of Creative Breakthrough, shared her thoughts on dealing with rejection, her viewpoint on fear, and her advice to creatives on their journey.

Tina Mabry is a writer, producer, and director, whose directing credits include Queen Sugar, Proven Innocent, Queen of the South, Insecure, Dear White People, Power, and Pose. 

Key Questions answered by Tina Mabry:

  • How to stay motivated
  • How to deal with rejection
  • How to stay optimistic

Tina Mabry Discusses:

  • Why she chose to pursue an MFA
  • Moving to LA
  • Her thoughts on Fear
  • Advice for creatives



Key Takeaways from Tina Mabry:

  1. Be OK with rejection
  2. Fear can hold you back or it can drive you
  3. Success and opportunities come when they’re supposed to
  4. It’s the one yes you get, that’s what’s important
  5. Don’t stop pushing forward with your goals, your time will come

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