Episode 26: How to Promote Yourself - Shereen Kassam | FunnyBrownGirl

No matter how long you’ve been pursuing your creative passion, it is important to promote yourself. In this episode, Shereen shares how she promotes herself to maximize her exposure which in turn leads to more opportunities. If you need advice on how to promote your creativity and talent, this episode will break down the tactics Shereen utilizes to promote herself and what she’s learned throughout her journey.

We discuss:

    • Setting up a domain name and website
    • Creating a mailing list
    • Setting up Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn
    • Creating content
    • Networking
    • Necessary items to have in your toolkit
    • How to #humblebrag
    • What not to do
    • Free sites for promotion



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Check out this episode!

Check out this episode!