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Hi Creatives! This week I answer all your questions about starting and running a successful Side Hustle.  With experience running a profitable comedy career, podcast, and ecommerce business, Shereen Kassam answers all your questions, plus shares with you what she wished she knew when starting out.  Learn more:    


Welcome to the side hustle series of this podcast.  In episode 1, I shared how to start a successful side hustle in 3 easy steps.  Then, in episode 2, a financial coach joined us to share how to maximize our profits and grow our business.  In today’s episode, I answer questions and share what I’ve learned being a side hustler and what I wish I knew when I started.   


Key Advice: 

  1. Keep track of your revenue and expenses (and your mileage!) 
  1. Always have a contract and ask for payment upfront 
  1. Know what value you bring to the table 
  1. Focus on marketing before you launch 
  1. Keep learning! 



Who is Shereen Kassam?  


I’m Shereen Kassam, the host of Creative Breakthrough and internationally touring speaker and comedian.  If you are looking for a speaker to talk on topics including creativity, branding, or work life balance, get in touch! I am also open to being guest on your podcast, TV show, or other medium.  


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