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Side Hustle: How to Start a Successful Side Hustle in 3 Steps 


This week, I share how to start a successful side hustle in 3 steps.  You may be asking, what is a side hustle – any activity outside of your day job that helps you make more money 


There are different types of side hustles – drive uber, doordashtaskrabbitinstacart…but I want to talk about side hustles that are not part-time jobs…I want to talk to you about not only a way to earn income from your creative endeavors but also as a path to being your own boss 


This can be based on your creative passion or something you are good at  


Do the best with the time you have but it’s important to find an idea that fits your lifestyle otherwise you will not give it the attention it deserves  


That’s why i always feel the best side hustles are tied to your creativity and passion 

Past Guests on this show discovered their full-time creative role, by starting a side-hustle.  For example, JP Lambiase began playing around with cameras and YouTube while he still had his engineering role, Shereen Ladha balances her corporate career with her dancing career, and Abi Varghese shot a webseries while working full-time at Unilver.  


So for me, my side hustles align with my passions and my purpose and enjoy it long-term – performing stand up comedy, doing a podcast, selling CBD, helping female entrepreneurs in Africa…  


Not limited to selling a skill or talent, a digital product, a physical product, or a service 


There are three key structures to having a successful side hustle 


One – an idea – spend the most time, but don’t get analysis paralysis  


Two  – monetizing the idea 


Is your idea is financially viable 


Now not everyone is looking to make money from their hobby, but today I’m not talking about your hobbies, I’m talking about your side hustles – which is taking your hobbies and making money from them 


No, you will not be rich right away, but overtime the goal is for your side hustle to be more than a side job.  If you feel like it’s not going to get there, then it’s time to pivot. 


Three – a way of getting people to know of such idea (market the idea) 

  • How will people find you your services?  


Walk through podcast, CBD, comedy (didn’t start as a side hustle – know my worth now, asked to do speaking engagement, MC events), digital course (time but passive income) 


Let’s talk about ideating your side hustle: 


Musician – you can start a podcast, teach an online course, tutor kids 

Writer – you can start a blog (jasmine darznik), join the gig economy like upwork and fiverr, freelance 

Chef – start a youtube channel, write an ebook of recipes  

Artist – create your own designs and start a print on demand  business 

Dancer – start a youtube channel, teach classes right now esp with covid (bollywood dancing) 


If you are a creative listening right now, and are stuck and I didn’t mention your craft – message me and I’ll make sure to highlight it on the next episode or DM me at funnybrowngirl

Second, how will you monetize your side hustle? 


  • Figure out how much your cost is to create your product/service 
  • Understand how much you want to make to set your price 
  • What’s your strategy – how many items do you need to make, clients do you need if you’re coaching, customers you need to sign up for your online course, viewers if you start a youtube channel 
  • How long will it take you to find these people to pay for your services 
  • Do not undervalue your services – no covid discount, friends or family discount, nothing 
  • Be realistic with your goals 
  • Patreon account  


And lastly, how will you market your idea and find customers/clients 


Figure out how you will spread the word 

  • If you made handmade crafts / digital products – website, etsy or shopify 
  • For 14 free days to try Shopify, use this link: 
  • Social media 
  • Friend and family 
  • newsletter/email list 
  • Youtube channel 
  • Your own platform – podcast, radio, blog, etc 


If you are stuck, message me on Instagram @funnybrowngirl or email me at hi @  Once you have your idea, also let me know! I love hearing your wins! 


Until then flex your creative muscle and keep winning! 



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I’m Shereen Kassam, the host of Creative Breakthrough and internationally touring speaker and comedian.  If you are looking for a speaker to talk on topics including creativity, branding, or work life balance, get in touch! I am also open to being guest on your podcast, TV show, or other medium. 


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